Caliber Roofing offers a full variety of Gutter Services to both residential and commercial customers.

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Gutter Information

Gutters are one of a homes primary defenses against water damage and should always be maintained in perfect working order.  In addition to protecting a home from water gutters also add an asetic appeal to a home.  Caliber offers gutters in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  A Caliber representative would be happy to inspect your gutters and recommend any needed repair or cleaning services. 

Gutter Installation

Most contractors recommend 5" guter systems to their residential customers. Caliber Roofing recommends 6" gutter systems because the cost difference from 5" gutters is minimal but the benefits are huge.  A 6" gutter system will carry one and a half as much water away from a home as compared to a 5" gutter system.  Caliber Roofing also offers installation of "gutter guards" which help prevent gutters from getting clogged. 

Gutter Repair

Over time the attachment from the gutters to a home loosens.  When this happens water can damage sofits and facia boards.   Caliber Roofing experts access damaged gutter systems to determine if the gutter can be Re-Attached and/or if the facia boards have been damaged.  In the event of damaged facia boards the damaged boards are replaced.  In any event, the gutters are Re-Attached and the pitch and angle of the gutters are adjusted to ensure proper water flow.  Our repair professionals always test the gutter system after doing a repair.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters overflow which can cause water to pool around the foundation of a home which can result in basement leaks.  Overflowing gutters can also damage sofit and facia boards which will allow water to enter the home.  This can cause wall damage and possible mold damage behind the walls.  Standing water in gutters is also a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects which can lead to health issues.  We recommend cleaning your gutters every year and more often in heavily wooded areas.